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  • Dec. 14, 2020
    For some reason (and I'm sure we all have 2020 our opinions about 2020 what that reason is 2020) books with profanity in their titles are wildly successful this holiday. Yup, inappropriate words with an asterisk replacing an important vowel, are doing extremely well. This unexpected trend, after some thought, now seems like such a wonderfully healthy way to deal with the stress of 2020. So, in the hopes of sharing some of the mirth and optimism of this quirky genre of books, we submit this holiday blog post.
  • Dec. 7, 2020
    Today, even with all the new media, shiny & loud distractions, books are still probably the most reliable way to entertain yourself, to educate yourself and to enrich your life. Often in ways unimaginable. In ways that may seem unlikely and unimportant to you up until the "That is freaking amazing" moment. The goal, then is to become an expert in finding good books, or use a tool that lets you accomplish the same thing, so that each book you read, each investment of time you put into reading something, will have the highest likelihood of creating just such a "oh my goodness" experience.
  • Dec. 7, 2020
    Online shopping... awesome selection. Never have to find a parking space. But think about it; the time spent shopping for something from start to finish, it takes longer now, right? And that distracted half-smile that shoppers use to have, pawing through merchandise? Do *you* smile when you shop online? Some things are cheaper. Books mostly. But has the quality of books you've bought improved? Or have they even declined over the last several years? How often do you find out about a book in TheRealWorld that you really needed to have read years ago - but which was never presented to you during your 100s of hours of book shopping online?
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