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Online shopping... awesome selection. Never have to find a parking space. But think about it; the time spent shopping for something from start to finish, it takes longer now, right? And that distracted half-smile that shoppers use to have, pawing through merchandise? Do *you* smile when you shop online? Some things are cheaper. Books mostly. But has the quality of books you've bought improved? Or have they even declined over the last several years? How often do you find out about a book in TheRealWorld that you really needed to have read years ago - but which was never presented to you during your 100s of hours of book shopping online?
Dec. 7, 2020

The OMG Manifesto

The Shopper

Here is what we think.

Online shopping is getting worse

It is like having lunch at a diner with a buffet that is 100 miles long. Its truly awesome, but...

Their lowest common denominator approach is working. They are making oodles of money. They are not going to change this approach anytime soon.

Our approach is to devote our efforts to making the shopping experience as good, smooth, predictable and enjoyable as the above have made our purchasing experience.

We now have the technology.

We just need you, the frustrated shopper.

You who are frustrated enough with your own online shopping that you are ready to try something new.

Together, we can rebuild online shopping and put that little half-smile back on our shopping-faces.

The Experts

Most of us know a few people who have owned bookstores and have interacted with a ton of people who worked at bookstores.

The good ones are experts at helping us find the books we are looking for. All kiiiinds of books.

Where are these people now?

Perhaps they were downsized. Or perhaps reorganized with someone younger and cheaper.

Or maybe their hours were reduced so much that they couldn't afford to work there anymore.

There are just a heckuva lot fewer bookstores than there used to be for these people to work at.

Until now.

The goal is for OMG to be able to provide a substantial income for experts who know how to help people find books they are looking for.

The goal is for this income to reward their expertise and efforts to help people - that just because it is 'online' does not mean it isn't worth just as much as it did In Real Life.

The Reviewers and the Forth Estate

There are bloggers and pundants who have been writing about books for decades. Most of them paid little to nothing.

It is our opinion this writing is a step up from typical 'reviews' you see in marketplaces.

And it should be rewarded as such.

But it is hard for shoppers to find these helpful commentaries when it comes time to actually make a purchase.

The goal is for OMG to be able to provide a substantial income for professional reviewers who know how to help people get inspired and discover books they are going to absolutely love.

This is Our Proposition

Our hope is that shoppers are willing to take some of that money they are saving by shopping online and spend it on getting help finding the exact right book - quickly and painlessly - and, maybe even, maybe even, enjoy the experience.

That book shoppers, book experts and book reviewers together each contribute to creating a win-win-win ecosystem that is sustainable over the long term and keeps the industry alive and healthy.

Please join us, if you can.

Thanks for visiting! -OMG

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